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Dewey-Humboldt helicopter training school faces opposition

A plan to operate a helicopter flight-training facility in Dewey-Humboldt has raised some objections among residents, who told a meeting of the Town Council that they don’t want the noise and dust it would bring.

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Driver who allegedly struck boy crossing street was 16 years old

A 16-year-old girl was allegedly behind the wheel of the car that struck and seriously injured a 12-year-old boy on May 7, as he crossed Lakeshore Drive in Prescott Valley, according to Prescott Valley Police Department spokesman Jerry Ferguson.

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Child struck, seriously injured in alleged hit-and-run crash

The intersection of Lakeshore Drive and Lake Valley Road was shut down around 3:15 p.m. after a car reportedly struck a pedestrian.

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Self-defense classes growing in popularity

Even kids find a need to fight back, but physical ability is only a part of the battle

If you’re worried about defending yourself in case of an attack, but don’t want to carry a firearm, the natural next choice is martial arts training, and more people are looking into it.

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Bill would make animal cruelty a harsher felony

Tougher classification would take sentencing decision from judges

Linking the crime to domestic violence, a Senate panel voted Thursday to expand state laws of what constitutes animal abuse and demand harsher penalties.

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Arizona 10th in women-owned businesses; employ nearly 150,000

Arizona has about 202,900 women-owned businesses, employing 147,900 people, according to an annual report commissioned by American Express.

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Remember the 100-watt bulb ban?

More restrictions coming in 2020

Remember the incandescent light bulb ban from several years ago?

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Electric cars becoming common, but charging stations in northern Arizona still lacking

Electric vehicles are becoming more popular all the time, with a federal tax credit of around $7,500 for buying one, and several states offering additional credits and perks.

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Business owner Mark Van Deusen ready to set sail

It’s not than common anymore for a business to be owned by one man for decades, but Quality Collision in Prescott Valley was, until October 2017, when Mark Van Deusen decided to call it quits and sold the business.

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Prescott Valley Sam’s Club to shut its doors Jan. 26, town confirms

Amid news media reports of Sam’s Club closures around the U.S. Thursday, Jan. 11, came word the Prescott Valley location was on the list as well.

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