Originally published Wednesday, January 17, 2018 at 06:00a.m.

Esmeralda Rodriguez

Esmeralda Coronado Rodriguez is a sixth-grade student at Mountain View Elementary School. She was chosen by all the teachers as HUSD Student of the Week. She is a conscientious and compassionate student wanting to learn beyond the content of the lesson. The level of responses after questioning shows amazing insight and curiosity. Her favorite subject is math. She is presently, in addition to the required sixth grade curriculum, in the accelerated seventh-grade math class.

Beyond her ability to strive for excellence within herself, Esmeralda is a peer leader and a wonderful example for others. She is always working to make certain every member of a group is heard. Her desire to be a good role model is exemplified outside of the classroom. Esmeralda is a member of our school Buddy Program, taking time out of her personal time to play and help build skills for our severe/profoundly disabled students.

When she does have free time in the evening, after completing homework, Esmeralda likes to help her mom cook. In addition she likes to read books that make her laugh, walk the dog, and draw.

Information provided by Humboldt Unified School District.