I was personally offended by the editorial appearing Feb. 7 in the Tribune, “Congressman Gosar should stop the grandstanding.” Dr. Paul Gosar is a constitution carrying, patriot. And since the United States of America is a constitutional republic, it is expected he will defend the “rule of law,” which is the top requirement of being a republic.

The fact Democrats are supporting programs to promote illegal immigrants is testimony to their opposition to our constitution. Congressman Gosar was on solid ground to request the credentials of Democrats’ guests they promoted as illegal be checked.

The editorial also attacked Dr. Gosar’s position on Global Climate Change. Basic scientific facts refute man-caused CO2 is the factor for any rise in global temperatures. In total CO2 makes up about 0.375 percent of 1 percent of earth’s atmosphere and green plants require CO2 for life and growth.

As for Dr. Gosar’s family members being quoted as opposed to his conservative positions offers no value to the argument except for providing additional opinion; not facts of any issue.

Congressman Gosar has facts and the Constitution on his side and he should be commended for challenging the orthodoxy of the media not attacked by it.

Tom Steele

Prescott Valley